The Consortium of State and Regional Educational Research Associations (SRERA) was organized in 1973 in New Orleans as a special interest group (SIG) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). The organization pays annual dues to AERA and participates in the AERA Annual Meeting.

The Consortium SRERA unites scholars, practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and others interested in the pursuit of educational research and development at the local, state, regional and national levels. The Consortium SRERA promotes quality research through support of state and regional organizations. It provide a national forum at the AERA annual meeting to present outstanding research from the state and regional associations. The Consortium fosters cooperation among the state and regional associations with AERA.

Membership Dues

Annual: $100

Officers and Board Members

Kathy Berg
University of Hawaii

Virginia Shipman
Past President
University of New Mexico

Harry Bowman
Executive Secretary
President Emeritus, Council on Occupational Education

Edie Carter
Radford University

Malinda Hendricks Green
Vice President Annual Meeting
University of Central Oklahoma

Michael Green
President for Organizational Development

Truc Nguyen
Webmaster, Ex-Officio


Board Members Emeritus

Walter M. Mathews
Evaluation Associates of New York

John Enger
Fischler School of Educational Human Services
Nova Southeastern University

Keith Kershner
Executive Secretary of Peru Educational Research Association

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