Sessions at AERA 2021 (Virtual)

Friday, April 9, 2021
12:20pm to 4:00pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

SRERA Distinguished Paper Session: 12:20-2:45pm

Chair: Natalie E Keefer, University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Discussant: Anthony Onwuegbuzie, University of Cambridge
Discussant: Grant B. Morgan, Baylor University

  • 12:30–12:45pm
  • Eastern Educational Research Association (EERA)
    • Preparing preservice teachers for diverse classrooms
      • Zafer Unal, University of South Florida
      • Aslihan Unal, Georgia Southern University
  • 12:50–1:05pm
  • New England Educational Research Organization (NEERO)
    • Teacher candidate disposition: A framework for unpacking and supporting intellectual, cultural, and moral dispositions
      • Lakshmi Frechette, Independent Researcher
  • 1:10–1:25pm
  • Southwest Educational Research Association (SERA)
    • Is flipping effective? A meta-analysis of the effect of flipped instruction on K-12 students’ academic achievement
      • Gang Zhu, East China Normal University
  • 1:30–1:45pm
  • Georgia Educational Research Association (GERA)
    • An investigation of self-care practices and perceptions of holistic health among selected educational leadership graduate students attending historically black colleges and universities or minority serving institutions
      • Letitia Johnson-Arnold, Fayetteville State University
      • Noran L. Moffett, Fayetteville State University
  • 1:50–2:05pm
  • Louisiana Educational Research Association (LERA)
    • Committed and engaged: A mixed method phenomenological study of the perceived roles, responsibilities, and contributions of professional support personnel in higher education
      • Jami Soileau Rush, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
      • Dianne F. Olivier, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • 2:10–2:25pm
    Comments from Discussant: Anthony Onwuegbuzie, University of Cambridge
  • 2:30–2:45pm
    Comments from Discussant: Grant B. Morgan, Baylor University

SRERA Business Meeting


Chair: Tabitha Bellamy-McKinley, New Jersey State Department of Education

Natalie Elizabeth Keefer, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, SRERA Vice President for Annual Meeting/Program Chair
Gordon P. Brooks, Ohio University, SRERA VP for Organizational Development
Michael S. Green, Hudson Valley Community College, SRERA Secretary -Treasurer
Thanh Truc Thi Nguyen, University of Hawa‘i at Mānoa, SRERA Executive Secretary